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So one day, I’m perusing the dollar section by the checkout at Target.  I find a bin of children’s socks and I start to pick out a pair of Disney Princess Tiana, and… Continue reading



The setting, Sofrito restaurant in NYC. The couple, a black Latina and her white Latino boyfriend. The question, “Why do you feel the need to connect with the girls of Black Latina Movement?… Continue reading

Who’s Racing Whom?: A Review of Eisenberg’s Asuncion


In performances like in life, you have come to expect certain behaviors from various races, ethnicities and cultures, haven’t you? Of course, we all have. And in this familiar paradox of assumptions turned… Continue reading

Waiter! There’s some Spanish in my soup!


Um, can someone please tell me what balabusta means in English? What about Sukkot?  Can these words be accurately translated and is there some value that is lost in the transaction, this linguistic… Continue reading

Voice and Imagination: An Interview with Saeed Jones


Sibling Rivalry, publisher of Saeed Jones’s chapbook, When the Only Light is Fire, invites you to “Hear the Fire” by clicking a link on their website. Rather by click or by public appearance,… Continue reading

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