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An Open Letter to Stephen A. Smith  


Dear Mr. Smith, I have spent the past few days entrenched in the media coverage of the 2 game suspension of Ray Rice. I am a sports fan, and I am a survivor… Continue reading

#YesAllWomen: Violence at the Intersections


#YesAllWomen is a collection of this same story over and over and over again. Individually, these stories and experiences are actually a collective experience. Women are objectified, treated as property, and physically and… Continue reading

On Why I Love the Spelling Bee


Yesterday, two new co-champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee were named. Sriram Hathwar, an eighth-grader from Painted Post, New York and Ansun Sujoe, a seventh-grader from Fort Worth, Texas won the title… Continue reading

A Culture Without Violence


A couple of years ago, I started a new journey as a doctoral student. In doing so, I know I have joined a new community. The people I see every day do not… Continue reading

Fuck Cory Booker (With Photos)


On one side of Mt. Prospect St. in Newark’s North Ward, Cory Booker gets no love. In this post is a short account of where the Mayor of Newark currently stands on the… Continue reading

In Search of Thieves: A Review of Don Argott’s The Art of the Steal


In high school, my psychology teacher ran an activity in which everyone wrote down on a piece of paper a crime they would commit if guaranteed they wouldn’t get caught. I don’t remember… Continue reading

Are We What We Tweet?


Twitter provides a platform upon which opinions feel safe. We are shielded by a screen, and we Tweet things we might normally not say out loud. I set up my own Twitter account… Continue reading

A Woman’s Guide to Man Up


Echoing the reality of coming of age in America, Man Up addresses aspects of race and racism, of skin color, of sexuality, of masculinity, of femininity, and of love. Carlos Andrés Gómez uses… Continue reading

A Moment of Silence


This past weekend, Jovan Belcher, a starting linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, shot and killed his girlfriend and mother of his child, Kasandra Perkins. He then drove down to the Chiefs stadium… Continue reading

Notes on “Teaching the N-Word”


Eight years ago, Delen Arts, was an idea, unformed and undiscovered, and Emily Bernard, a Black professor,  was teaching an all-White class at the University of Vermont. Seven years ago, The American Scholar,… Continue reading

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