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Can black women say nigga? Of course, but girl why?


This is a personal essay about BLKS by Aziza Barnes (Playwright) and Nataki Garrett (Director). My chat with the friendly, black woman next to me ends. I face the empty stage for about 5… Continue reading

Short & Sweet Sunday Read:”In Jackson Heights”


This is short, lazy Sunday appreciation of  Frederick Wiseman’s “In Jackson Heights,” which ran at the Gene Siskel Film Center 11/27 – 12/3. I appreciate a good documentary, but I don’t always get… Continue reading

The Secret to Talking Sports with Any Man  


After watching the first Eagles football Sunday of the season this year, I got home and turned on the late afternoon game. I opened up the Twitter app on my phone, and I checked… Continue reading

#YesAllWomen: Violence at the Intersections


#YesAllWomen is a collection of this same story over and over and over again. Individually, these stories and experiences are actually a collective experience. Women are objectified, treated as property, and physically and… Continue reading

On Why I Love the Spelling Bee


Yesterday, two new co-champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee were named. Sriram Hathwar, an eighth-grader from Painted Post, New York and Ansun Sujoe, a seventh-grader from Fort Worth, Texas won the title… Continue reading

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