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Can black women say nigga? Of course, but girl why?


This is a personal essay about BLKS by Aziza Barnes (Playwright) and Nataki Garrett (Director). My chat with the friendly, black woman next to me ends. I face the empty stage for about 5… Continue reading

Short & Sweet Sunday Read:”In Jackson Heights”


This is short, lazy Sunday appreciation of  Frederick Wiseman’s “In Jackson Heights,” which ran at the Gene Siskel Film Center 11/27 – 12/3. I appreciate a good documentary, but I don’t always get… Continue reading

Mother/Daughter Drama with a Vibrating Spin: France-Luce Benson’s ‘The Talk’


This play commentary is in response to  Crossroads Theatre Company’s production of The Talk, which had its last show on May 19. I cannot say that I’ve used the word, dildo, more than… Continue reading

Patriots Who Hate Americans: Rohina Malik’s Play, Unveiled


Perhaps, Rohina Malik’s play Unveiled, would be dated since it’s “post 9/11” plot is almost twelve years past, but in the wake of the bombings in Boston, the play resounds with chilling familiarity.… Continue reading

In Pretreatment


I remember when a guy I was dating thought a night on his bed watching the HBO show, In Treatment was a romantic gesture. After the episode, we watched “The Notebook” and though… Continue reading

Transforming Grief into Art: An Interview with Artist Katie Ruiz


RAW:Natural Born Artists features Katie Ruiz of Paloma Art. She sat down with Delen Arts to talk identity, emotion, and the creative process. Ruiz’s work will show at Public Assembly February 21 and 22.… Continue reading

The Piano Sublime, August Wilson’s Play Extended Again


August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” is playing at SignatureTheatre until January 20. Boy Willie embodies the idiom to wear the heart on the sleeves. He is a heart brimming with a dream that… Continue reading



Dear Disney: First, your new princess is Latina, and then she is not because you were criticized for her not being Latina enough. Then you fall back to the “This is Fantasy and… Continue reading

Open Letter to Cynthia Mort


Dear Cynthia Mort: I know that truth and fiction can be configured. I also know that Hollywood has a stenographer’s imagination when it comes to the supply and demand of dark black women.… Continue reading

A Summer of Visual Arts and Artists


This summer I finally fulfilled my desire to paint a self portrait. The portrait turned out to be a triptych in acrylic paint and it certainly shows my novice level, but who cares?… Continue reading

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