Short & Sweet Sunday Read:”In Jackson Heights”

This is short, lazy Sunday appreciation of  Frederick Wiseman’s “In Jackson Heights,” which ran at the Gene Siskel Film Center 11/27 – 12/3.

I appreciate a good documentary, but I don’t always get to read a good review. However, somehow exactly two weeks after watching “In Jackson Heights” during it’s first run in Chicago, I got lucky. What makes “In Jackson Heights” a good doc is precisely stated in Michael Phillips’ review for the Chicago Tribune: “Wiseman never points to a single mood or affirmation in any of his explorations. He sees the whole of this place, and shares it.” I agree.

I agree with every written word of Phillips’ short & sweet review.  I know 20/20 affirmation is a rare occasion for anyone about anything, ever. But just read it, and if you have any questions about the parts that made me cry or the parts that made me blush (activism or rather activists are sexy and I’m unapologetic about that observation so get over it) just tweet me @zahra_marie. No need to tweet me about the fucked up parts that made you mad…let’s just be glad we have the freedom to get “news” from artists and not just newspeople, and that this review is not long and boring!

Chatty Footnote:
These days, I'm freelancing full time so spending $11 dollars on entertainment means I better be entertained or they'll be a long, pitiful stare at my Wells Fargo account page. Entertained I was.