Monthly Archive: February, 2013

In Pretreatment


I remember when a guy I was dating thought a night on his bed watching the HBO show, In Treatment was a romantic gesture. After the episode, we watched “The Notebook” and though… Continue reading

Are We What We Tweet?


Twitter provides a platform upon which opinions feel safe. We are shielded by a screen, and we Tweet things we might normally not say out loud. I set up my own Twitter account… Continue reading

Transforming Grief into Art: An Interview with Artist Katie Ruiz


RAW:Natural Born Artists features Katie Ruiz of Paloma Art. She sat down with Delen Arts to talk identity, emotion, and the creative process. Ruiz’s work will show at Public Assembly February 21 and 22.… Continue reading

A Woman’s Guide to Man Up


Echoing the reality of coming of age in America, Man Up addresses aspects of race and racism, of skin color, of sexuality, of masculinity, of femininity, and of love. Carlos Andrés Gómez uses… Continue reading

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