The More Enjoyable of Q&A

“I was exposed to a world that was so rare,” Grachan Moncur

recalls in an interview with poet, writer and professor, Sean Singer (Cerise Press Summer 2012). With natural grace—the self rising and falling, too alive to align-align—Grachan shares how he was exposed to a rare world in a rather conventional way—his parents showed him. Along with celebrity-filled memories of his parents, Moncur describes musicianship and musicians in an exuberant manner.

I would rather not prolong your reading of the interview, but I will say that in my limited exposure to jazz or Black American Music and culture, I know that interviews like this one are a gem, and artists like Grachan, rare perhaps for their persona, or timing or style, are too gems. Go to The Soul of Trombone — Grachan Moncur III.