This week Delen Arts welcomes Puerto Rican born, Brooklyn photographer, Sergio Concepción de Gracia.

We asked Sergio to share with our readers the central focus and provenance of inspiration for his black and whites.  “People,” he said.  Simply put.  He later tells us of rich cultural roots, growing up in a nationalist household and hailing from generations of artists and humanitarians who instilled in Gracia, a passion for helping and understanding the oppressed.

Gracia further relates that his formal academic study of anthropology was the source of his enigmatic provocation toward the art of writing with light, photography.  “I wanted to give the study of people another angle of understanding, one that only a camera can offer.”

As co-director of the Flatbush cariBBeing Film Festival and founder of www.peopleforprogression.com, Gracia continues defending the preservation of culture as is coded in his DNA, an inherited commitment from his Puerto Rican nationalist forefathers.

Peace, Love…and Light.


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